Ignite: Climate Content Summit 2024

TV has the power to make us sit up and pay attention. So how do we put climate impact at the heart of all our programmes?
Ignite: Climate Content Summit 2024 brought together climate thought leaders, researchers, and TV’s top talent to discuss how to put the climate crisis and the solutions on the screen. Two big themes for the day were creative funding to get your work on the screen and the unexpected places that climate stories are having an impact.

  • Keynote: How to Actually Solve the Climate Crisis

    Hear from our keynote speakers Emma Pinchbeck, CEO of Energy UK and Suzanne Dhaliwal, Climate Reframe about the big picture changes that can transition us away from fossil fuels. Hosted by Alf Lawrie.

  • Stories of the Climate Transition: World Building for TV

    What would the future look like if we meaningfully addressed climate change? One superpower of TV lies in visualising worlds and ways of life that we want to create – yet it can be hard to imagine our lives without fossil fuels or polluting practices.
    This session with Climate Spring explores the...

  • Creative Funding

    What are the funding models that are working for climate programmes? Our panellists will share their experience of bringing together innovative collaborations and partnerships to get climate stories to audiences.
    Rickey Welch (Production Director, WaterBear Network), Josh Cockcroft (Director, Cli...

  • Making Nature a Collaborator

    How does connecting audiences to nature inspire climate action? EarthPercent’s innovative scheme unleashes the power of the music industry for nature. We’ll hear how TV – scripted and unscripted – can do the same.
    Featuring Cimran Shah (Commissioning Editor, Reality and Entertainment, Channel 4),...

  • Greener Homes, Greener Stories

    Whether it’s in a long-running drama or a home improvement show, the ‘home’ has a central role in all forms of storytelling. Changes to our homes are also central to a fossil-fuel free future. We’ll hear how we can bring these two things together, to bring new stories of low-carbon living to TV.

  • Can Comedy Save Us?

    Can the climate crisis make good comedy? Our speakers all have their own style of using comedy to engage and move audiences to take action. Connecting with more people and in unexpected ways. Featuring Nish Kumar (Comedian), Alex Moody (Head of Comedy Commissioning, Sky), Rosie Baldwin (Director,...